ITG is doing baseball now

  • 07/08/2010
  • Stephane
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  • I’m finally moved and sort of set up in my new place. There’s still tons of work to do but at least, my office is up and running and I can take the hobby back with the upcoming Footballs and more Baseball coming up.

    Of course the big news is the Baltimore-Con but other than that, I was reading some news and found out that ITG is taking a stab at baseball now. That is great, sort of.

    ITG is doing a great job with hockey even without any NHLPA license. I don’t know what kind of window they will be able to get for Baseball but I truly believe it is a good thing because ITG loves and knows how to produce great looking cards.

    The resale value is pretty off on these but for collecting purposes, Panini should take a good look at these guys and take several notes.

    The baseball preview mention an ‘all-hit’ product but really, I’m looking forwards a huge ‘’Heroes & Prospects’’ like they do with hockey and it shall be really fun to put together.

    What do you guys think about that? ITG, yay or nay?

    Vintage Hockey

  • 26/07/2010
  • Stephane
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  • I was bored last week and went through the random lots on Ebay and found something cheap, but really nice.

    I picked-up a sweet lot of 1978-79 Topps Hockey. Value wise, they're pretty beat up but for 4$, I think it was a fairly good deal and the cards look great, even though the condition is not so great.

    Anytime you can pick cards older than you for less that 30 cents a piece, you gotta do it. Here's the results, all for my PC.

    Yvan Cournoyer is an Habs legend. Him alone was worth the lot. Got a sweet Guy Lafleur Scoring Leader as well. 

    Stan Mikita, you know the guy I'm pretty sure. Lanny Mcdonald is no schmo either. 

    No real stars here but Bernie Wolfe looks cool. 

    Another weak page, look at the beards. Sweet collection.

    Anyway, I might go for the set, evantually, but I think I'm gonna focus more on Vintage since the new products bum me out most of the time (I'm looking at you Panini)

    A&G Group Break

  • 21/07/2010
  • Stephane
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  • Maildays are always fun days. 

    I was a part of the Allen & Ginter group break on Carl Crawford's Blog and I had the Nationals and Twins. No, I did not pulled any Strasburgh and yes, I do not care all that much since I'm an Expos fan and don't really care for the Nationals but I'm still picking them in breaks in case there is some retro thing. 

    So, long story short I got my cards today and beside a ton of bases (If you need any of those 2 teams in base cards, I have them in quadruple for sure) here are the main hits in my package. 

    Jason Kubel is a decent slugger and the Silk Cards looks really, really good. Plus the low numbering makes it a great hit. It's probably going on Ebay since the Silk Cards are hot right now and I don't really care all that much about Kubel (I'm more into Morneau since we share a last name). But still, pretty decent break.

    EDIT - Here's a link for the Kubel's auction : CLICK HERE

    Brian Duensing is no Cy Young but it's a crisp looking auto. I don't like the fact that the card moves inside of it's frame but still, it's going with the tradebaits as a sweet auto.

    And some Minis. Seriously, how do you store those? They are so tiny and my hands so large, it's not a perfect match, oh god no. They're sleeping in a box right now until I find better use for them.

    All in all, I'm not a huge A&G fan. Too many random cards, too many sizes and too many 'facts of the world' that I don't really care about.

    But, the base cards that are sports related look really good. So I'm torned.

    Fun product, no doubt, but not a keeper for me. 

    Anyway, keep an eye on the blog, they do a great job with the Monthly Break. 

    Set building and other ramblings

  • 16/07/2010
  • Stephane
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  • My girlfriend and I are moving with the baby girl in a new bigger place, that explains why I didn't had much time to be around here. So I have to pack the collection for the new place and I'm kind of depressed. Why? Because I don't have as much as I use to to look at these old binders containing full base sets.

    I mean, when I was 6 or 7, I spent hours sorting and resorting my cards in those binders. Page by page, I was a sorting machine and most of my collecting was about looking at these cards afterwards. Now? Everything is dusty and some of my binders were so far behind a pile than I don't even remember what is in them and frankly, I don't really care to know.

    Should I rethink my hobby? Retool it maybe? Or maybe I am just a bit jaded about everything and I don't put as much value as I use to in my cards.

    I'm a bit lost here but, on the other hand, I'm going for a master set of Bowman 2010. Go figure...

    My guess is that I am jaded and I like shiny new things.That's quite sad...

    Keep on the hobby people, I'll seek my shiny new things as soon as I am moved, or maybe before.

    Damnit, I sound like a smoker who is trying to quit for the eight time this year. I swear, this time I mean it. 

    Limited budget need wax...

  • 02/07/2010
  • Stephane
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  • Ok, this summer is no fun (hobby wise).

    I'm a little short on cash with all my new expenses and I need to bust some wax but here are my problems :

    1) I hate retail
    2) They are no hobby shop around my house
    3) Everything online is the same, all the time.

    What should I buy?

    A Bowman Problem

  • 30/06/2010
  • Stephane
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  • Being home on a month 'vacation' to take care of my girlfriend and my little baby girl gives me a lot of time to kill, especially during the night time where I usually sleep and now I have to put the baby back to sleep. With my new temporary schedule, I've don some cards sorting to kill the time. My project this week was to sort out all the 2010 Bowman I've bought and see if it was worth the shot of doing a full set of these.

    And I'm torn

    I'm halfway there with the Chromes (missing Strasburgh), halfway there with the regular First Cards (still miss Stras) and almost 3 quarters there for the base set (missing Haywayd and Stras). With one Jumbo Box or 2 hobby I'd probably cover the base and advance the Chrome enough for chasing the rest pieces by pieces. Only problem is ...

    Have you soon the prices on the boxes?

    For the love of God, I paid around 100$ a box a month ago and sell some packs out of theses boxes, I should have kept everything a while and resell, these prices are crazy high and makes it inconceivable to pursue the set. But I wanted to. What should I do? Turn to last year's products? Wait a long while for prices to drop? By a bulk of singles of Fee-Bays?

    I'm really torned/pissed to have done all this sorting with no apparent results. What would you do with that Bowman problem? 

    SPA Hockey Group Break

  • 28/06/2010
  • Stephane
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  • Hey y'all, Jeremy over at BLOG FOR HOCKEY CARDS is trying to gather around a group break for this year SPA Product.

    These looks great and for 3-4 boxes, we can have decent prices on individual teams.

    Go check it out ... - CLICK HERE - and subscribe. The more the merrier. 

    Basket-Ball cards for sale

  • 26/06/2010
  • Stephane
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  • Hey y'all,

    With the birth of my baby girl my 'hobby money' ran out pretty quick so I'm trying to move some trade bait to have some Paypal for upcoming products.

    If you need anything from that list, ask for a price, I'll email you one including shipping.

    If you want more than one card, I'll make some deals and cut some prices, just ask.

    Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions, let me know.


    MAYNOR Eric, 09-10 Panini Certified ''Freshman Fabric'' RC Auto Jersey 161/399 -- (SCAN HERE)

    HAWES Spencer, 07-08 Topps Echelon RC Auto Jersey 165/399 -- (SCAN HERE)

    ARTHUR Darrell, 08-09 SPX RC Auto Jersey Away 318/599 -- (SCAN HERE)

    LEE David, 05-06 SP Signature Edition, RC Auto -- (SCAN HERE)

    BEAUBOIS Rodrigue, 09-10 Panini Draft Picks & Prospects RC Auto, 288/499 -- (SCAN HERE)

    ALEXANDER Joe, SP Authentic, RC Auto Patch, 297/499 -- (SCAN HERE)

    CONLEY Mike, SP Authentic Letterman RC Auto Patch 39/79 -- (SCAN HERE)

    GIBSON Daniel, 06-07 Rookie Debut, RC Auto -- (SCAN HERE)

    LAWSON Ty, 09-10 Panini Classics, RC Auto On Card 467/599 -- (SCAN HERE)

    ARTHUR Darrell, 08-09 Exquisite, RC Auto Patch 050/225 -- (SCAN HERE)

    WILLIAMS Shelden, 06-07 SPX, RC Auto Jersey 115/299 -- (SCAN HERE)

    ALEXANDER Joe, 08-09 UD Black, RC Auto Jersey 45/99 -- (SCAN HERE)

    YOUNG Sam, 09-10 Prestige, RC Auto ON Card -- (SCAN HERE)

    HOWARD Josh, 09-10 Certified, Auto Jersey 18/25 -- (SCAN HERE)

    ARTHUR Darrell, 08-09 Topps Treasury, RC Auto Refractor -- (SCAN HERE)

    YOUNG Sam, 09-10 Contender, RC Auto On Card -- (SCAN HERE)

    GILMORE Artis, 08-09 SP Authentic, Auto -- (SCAN HERE)

    TEAGUE Jeff, 09-10 Panini, RC Auto -- (SCAN HERE)

    HAWES Spencer, 07-08 Topps Stadium Club, RC Auto X-Fractor -- (SCAN HERE)

    THOMAS Tyrus, 06-07 UD Hardcourt, RC Auto 234/399 -- (SCAN HERE)

    DOUGLAS Toney, 09-10 Limited, RC Auto Jersey 002/299 -- (SCAN HERE)

    ILYASOVA Ersan, 05-06 SP Signature Edition, RC Auto 37/50 -- (SCAN HERE)

    RUSH Brandon, 08-09 UD Premier, RC Auto Jersey 15/75 -- (SCAN HERE)

    BUTLER Caron, 09-10 Topps Signature, Auto 0946/1309 -- (SCAN HERE)

    THOMAS Tyrus, 06-07 SP Authentic, RC Auto 038/299 -- (SCAN HERE)

    AUGUSTIN D.J., 08-09 SPX, RC Auto Jersey Home 79/99 -- (SCAN HERE)

    RUSH Brandon, 08-09 UD Radiance, RC Auto 104/299 -- (SCAN HERE)

    AFFLALO Arron, 07-08 Topps Stadium Club, RC Auto X-Fractor -- (SCAN HERE)

    SWIFT Stromile, 07-08 Sweet Shot, Auto 075/220 -- (SCAN HERE)


    Mike CONLEY, Brandon ROY, BJ ARMSTRONG, 09-10 SPGU Multi Marks, 51/75 -- (SCAN HERE)

    Mo WILLIAMS, Mike CONLEY, Alando TUCKER, 09-10 SPGU Multi Marks, 06/75 -- (SCAN HERE)

    Spencer HAWES, Chris KAMAN, 08-09 SPX Dual Scripts, 04/50 -- (SCAN HERE)

    All questions and requests goes to

    Thanks for your time

    Prospecting Basketball... Who to buy?

  • 24/06/2010
  • Stephane
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  • Tonight is the NBA Draft and a week from today, it's the Free Agent frenzy known as The Summer of Lebron. After the NBA Finals, it's a great time to prospect since the hobby is focusing on the champions and challengers and tend to forget the rebuilding teams and the moving pieces of the summer.

    Me, here's where I'll place my money for this summer. A quick list of players to buy now before they become bigger assets in the hobby. In no particular order...

    CHRIS BOSH - Toronto Raptors

    Bosh is burried in Toronto and the hobby didn't notice how good he is. This time is soon to be over as Bosh will land in a bigger market and will shine for a playoff team.

    His autos and rookies all goes for cheap (less than 30$) even the low numbered one.

    2007-08 Topps Echelon Autographs Dual Relics Gold #RCB - Chris Bosh/25 - Courtesy of

    RUDY GAY - Memphis Grizzlies

    Gay is at a cross-road right now and he'll either resign in Memphis or land elsewhere to be someone's sidekick. But what a Sidekick. If Gay lands in New-York or LA (Clippers), his exposure will be through the roof and he's a very athletic and skillfull young man.

    Gay's auto are very very cheap and everything else goes for less than 5$. It's almost unfair to him to be so cheap within the hobby.

    2007-08 UD Black Patch Material Autographs Dual #OG - Rudy Gay Emeka Okafor/15 - Courtesy of

    GEORGE HILL - San Antonio Spurs

    Tony Parker's days in San Antonio are counted. He will be gone, maybe not this summer but by the end of the year he will be traded for somme assets and make room for George Hill to be the Spurs starter. It's obvious by now that Hill is ready to lead this team and it's only a matter of time.

    His SPA Rookie Auto Patch can be add for less than 20$ regularly and it's a steal for a future starter of an every year contender.

    2008-09 Bowman Chrome Refractors Blue #134 - George Hill/99 - Courtesy of

    MARREESE SPEIGHTS - Philadelphia 76ers

    The Sixers are in a tough place with Elton Brand's contract and the overall lack of depth on their roster. But they hold the second pick this year (likely Evan Turner) and will evantually admit the Brand's mistake and start Speight in his place.

    The Sixers are on the turn around and are always a popular team and evantually, Speights will blossom into an everyday contributor and maybe a quality starter.

    Rookie Autos are super cheap and worth the gamble.

    2008-09 Topps Chrome Refractors #235 - Marreese Speights AU C/476 - Courtesy of

    BROOK LOPEZ - New Jersey Nets

    Lopez is the more expansive of the five but he is a sure thing with the Nets. What ever happens in Jersey, Lopez will be a vital part of it and he will grow as one of the best center in the East (second best to Dwight Howard anytime soon).

    Lopez is a beast and still a bit pricy but the value will only rise with him. Guaranteed.

    2008-09 Topps Chrome X-Fractors #230 - Brook Lopez AU/15 - Courtesy of

    The Draft is tonight, free agency is July first. Check it out... let the fun begin.

    Group Break - Hockey

  • 22/06/2010
  • Stephane
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  • I just received my cards from the Monthly break over at Joe Collector and it's always fun to receive new cards at home.

    It was a team based break and I had my Habs and the Rangers (random choices). The break was for 4 boxes of UD Champs, 1 OPC Premier and some loose packs of UD Series 2. I did very well just because I had my Habs but then again, I'm not a huge fan of the Champs serie, except for the base cards cards that simply looks awesome. Take a look.

    Yes, that is 3 Patrick Roy just for me. My favorite player of all time growing up an still one of my all-time greats, I can't be mad about duplicates of this guy, never. I have piles of junk commons of Patrick Roy and I still want more. MORE ! 

    Other than the bases (pulled some nice Gretskys and Messier as well) here's an overview of my share of the hits. 

    It's our former captain with a serial number. Not bad but I never really was into Saku. The guy is soft even tough he recovered from Cancer. Go figure...

    Great on card auto of Artem Anisimov but I don't like the ''Minis'' card, I just don't know what to do with it. Don't know how to store them and I don't really want to start buying special stuff for these. They remind me of the oversized sets in the 90's that had specially design 6 cards pages for binders. Those were weird and so are these ones. But still, on card autos, my favorite thing about the hobby. 

    HABS legend with a piece of Jersey. Still a mini card but hey, that was the break so I'm not complaining. Steve Shutt is, after all, a great player. 

    A trio of Mini Cards. I had more (Like Scotty Bowman and some rookies) but those are my three favorites. Of crouse there is Patrick Roy (again) and then these weird oddities. A dinosaur cards and Sir John Thompson. I don't know if I'm keeping these but for the time being, they look cool on my desk. We will see. 

    These breaks are always a good time and you should check out Joe's place for more of these. It's a monthly thing and the guy is an ace with the pricing and the shipping. Great collector, trustwhorthy and hobby fanatic. My type of guy. 

    I'm still wondering if any of you would like to do an SPA Break soon, reply or email, these look fantastic. 

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