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  • 26/06/2010
  • Stephane
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  • Hey y'all,

    With the birth of my baby girl my 'hobby money' ran out pretty quick so I'm trying to move some trade bait to have some Paypal for upcoming products.

    If you need anything from that list, ask for a price, I'll email you one including shipping.

    If you want more than one card, I'll make some deals and cut some prices, just ask.

    Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions, let me know.


    MAYNOR Eric, 09-10 Panini Certified ''Freshman Fabric'' RC Auto Jersey 161/399 -- (SCAN HERE)

    HAWES Spencer, 07-08 Topps Echelon RC Auto Jersey 165/399 -- (SCAN HERE)

    ARTHUR Darrell, 08-09 SPX RC Auto Jersey Away 318/599 -- (SCAN HERE)

    LEE David, 05-06 SP Signature Edition, RC Auto -- (SCAN HERE)

    BEAUBOIS Rodrigue, 09-10 Panini Draft Picks & Prospects RC Auto, 288/499 -- (SCAN HERE)

    ALEXANDER Joe, SP Authentic, RC Auto Patch, 297/499 -- (SCAN HERE)

    CONLEY Mike, SP Authentic Letterman RC Auto Patch 39/79 -- (SCAN HERE)

    GIBSON Daniel, 06-07 Rookie Debut, RC Auto -- (SCAN HERE)

    LAWSON Ty, 09-10 Panini Classics, RC Auto On Card 467/599 -- (SCAN HERE)

    ARTHUR Darrell, 08-09 Exquisite, RC Auto Patch 050/225 -- (SCAN HERE)

    WILLIAMS Shelden, 06-07 SPX, RC Auto Jersey 115/299 -- (SCAN HERE)

    ALEXANDER Joe, 08-09 UD Black, RC Auto Jersey 45/99 -- (SCAN HERE)

    YOUNG Sam, 09-10 Prestige, RC Auto ON Card -- (SCAN HERE)

    HOWARD Josh, 09-10 Certified, Auto Jersey 18/25 -- (SCAN HERE)

    ARTHUR Darrell, 08-09 Topps Treasury, RC Auto Refractor -- (SCAN HERE)

    YOUNG Sam, 09-10 Contender, RC Auto On Card -- (SCAN HERE)

    GILMORE Artis, 08-09 SP Authentic, Auto -- (SCAN HERE)

    TEAGUE Jeff, 09-10 Panini, RC Auto -- (SCAN HERE)

    HAWES Spencer, 07-08 Topps Stadium Club, RC Auto X-Fractor -- (SCAN HERE)

    THOMAS Tyrus, 06-07 UD Hardcourt, RC Auto 234/399 -- (SCAN HERE)

    DOUGLAS Toney, 09-10 Limited, RC Auto Jersey 002/299 -- (SCAN HERE)

    ILYASOVA Ersan, 05-06 SP Signature Edition, RC Auto 37/50 -- (SCAN HERE)

    RUSH Brandon, 08-09 UD Premier, RC Auto Jersey 15/75 -- (SCAN HERE)

    BUTLER Caron, 09-10 Topps Signature, Auto 0946/1309 -- (SCAN HERE)

    THOMAS Tyrus, 06-07 SP Authentic, RC Auto 038/299 -- (SCAN HERE)

    AUGUSTIN D.J., 08-09 SPX, RC Auto Jersey Home 79/99 -- (SCAN HERE)

    RUSH Brandon, 08-09 UD Radiance, RC Auto 104/299 -- (SCAN HERE)

    AFFLALO Arron, 07-08 Topps Stadium Club, RC Auto X-Fractor -- (SCAN HERE)

    SWIFT Stromile, 07-08 Sweet Shot, Auto 075/220 -- (SCAN HERE)


    Mike CONLEY, Brandon ROY, BJ ARMSTRONG, 09-10 SPGU Multi Marks, 51/75 -- (SCAN HERE)

    Mo WILLIAMS, Mike CONLEY, Alando TUCKER, 09-10 SPGU Multi Marks, 06/75 -- (SCAN HERE)

    Spencer HAWES, Chris KAMAN, 08-09 SPX Dual Scripts, 04/50 -- (SCAN HERE)

    All questions and requests goes to

    Thanks for your time


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