A Bowman Problem

  • 30/06/2010
  • Stephane
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  • Being home on a month 'vacation' to take care of my girlfriend and my little baby girl gives me a lot of time to kill, especially during the night time where I usually sleep and now I have to put the baby back to sleep. With my new temporary schedule, I've don some cards sorting to kill the time. My project this week was to sort out all the 2010 Bowman I've bought and see if it was worth the shot of doing a full set of these.

    And I'm torn

    I'm halfway there with the Chromes (missing Strasburgh), halfway there with the regular First Cards (still miss Stras) and almost 3 quarters there for the base set (missing Haywayd and Stras). With one Jumbo Box or 2 hobby I'd probably cover the base and advance the Chrome enough for chasing the rest pieces by pieces. Only problem is ...

    Have you soon the prices on the boxes?

    For the love of God, I paid around 100$ a box a month ago and sell some packs out of theses boxes, I should have kept everything a while and resell, these prices are crazy high and makes it inconceivable to pursue the set. But I wanted to. What should I do? Turn to last year's products? Wait a long while for prices to drop? By a bulk of singles of Fee-Bays?

    I'm really torned/pissed to have done all this sorting with no apparent results. What would you do with that Bowman problem? 


    1. sruchris a dit…
    2. We should trade Bowmans and help each other out.


    3. Stephane a dit…
    4. Hey Chris,

      I'll set up a double's list and let you know.


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