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  • 07/08/2010
  • Stephane
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  • I’m finally moved and sort of set up in my new place. There’s still tons of work to do but at least, my office is up and running and I can take the hobby back with the upcoming Footballs and more Baseball coming up.

    Of course the big news is the Baltimore-Con but other than that, I was reading some news and found out that ITG is taking a stab at baseball now. That is great, sort of.

    ITG is doing a great job with hockey even without any NHLPA license. I don’t know what kind of window they will be able to get for Baseball but I truly believe it is a good thing because ITG loves and knows how to produce great looking cards.

    The resale value is pretty off on these but for collecting purposes, Panini should take a good look at these guys and take several notes.

    The baseball preview mention an ‘all-hit’ product but really, I’m looking forwards a huge ‘’Heroes & Prospects’’ like they do with hockey and it shall be really fun to put together.

    What do you guys think about that? ITG, yay or nay?


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