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  • 16/07/2010
  • Stephane
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  • My girlfriend and I are moving with the baby girl in a new bigger place, that explains why I didn't had much time to be around here. So I have to pack the collection for the new place and I'm kind of depressed. Why? Because I don't have as much as I use to to look at these old binders containing full base sets.

    I mean, when I was 6 or 7, I spent hours sorting and resorting my cards in those binders. Page by page, I was a sorting machine and most of my collecting was about looking at these cards afterwards. Now? Everything is dusty and some of my binders were so far behind a pile than I don't even remember what is in them and frankly, I don't really care to know.

    Should I rethink my hobby? Retool it maybe? Or maybe I am just a bit jaded about everything and I don't put as much value as I use to in my cards.

    I'm a bit lost here but, on the other hand, I'm going for a master set of Bowman 2010. Go figure...

    My guess is that I am jaded and I like shiny new things.That's quite sad...

    Keep on the hobby people, I'll seek my shiny new things as soon as I am moved, or maybe before.

    Damnit, I sound like a smoker who is trying to quit for the eight time this year. I swear, this time I mean it. 


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