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  • 22/06/2010
  • Stephane
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  • I just received my cards from the Monthly break over at Joe Collector and it's always fun to receive new cards at home.

    It was a team based break and I had my Habs and the Rangers (random choices). The break was for 4 boxes of UD Champs, 1 OPC Premier and some loose packs of UD Series 2. I did very well just because I had my Habs but then again, I'm not a huge fan of the Champs serie, except for the base cards cards that simply looks awesome. Take a look.

    Yes, that is 3 Patrick Roy just for me. My favorite player of all time growing up an still one of my all-time greats, I can't be mad about duplicates of this guy, never. I have piles of junk commons of Patrick Roy and I still want more. MORE ! 

    Other than the bases (pulled some nice Gretskys and Messier as well) here's an overview of my share of the hits. 

    It's our former captain with a serial number. Not bad but I never really was into Saku. The guy is soft even tough he recovered from Cancer. Go figure...

    Great on card auto of Artem Anisimov but I don't like the ''Minis'' card, I just don't know what to do with it. Don't know how to store them and I don't really want to start buying special stuff for these. They remind me of the oversized sets in the 90's that had specially design 6 cards pages for binders. Those were weird and so are these ones. But still, on card autos, my favorite thing about the hobby. 

    HABS legend with a piece of Jersey. Still a mini card but hey, that was the break so I'm not complaining. Steve Shutt is, after all, a great player. 

    A trio of Mini Cards. I had more (Like Scotty Bowman and some rookies) but those are my three favorites. Of crouse there is Patrick Roy (again) and then these weird oddities. A dinosaur cards and Sir John Thompson. I don't know if I'm keeping these but for the time being, they look cool on my desk. We will see. 

    These breaks are always a good time and you should check out Joe's place for more of these. It's a monthly thing and the guy is an ace with the pricing and the shipping. Great collector, trustwhorthy and hobby fanatic. My type of guy. 

    I'm still wondering if any of you would like to do an SPA Break soon, reply or email, these look fantastic. 



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