• 15/06/2010
  • Stephane
  • During all the crazyness surrounding the expected debut of Stephen Straburgh, I've sold some hobby packs over on ebay. This was a good way to absorb some of the money  spent on hobby boxes and build some feedbacks on the Bay.

    One of the buyer left me a feedback today and with 3 packs he pulled one Strasburgh Chrome and one Blue USA Refractors for Sebastien Valle. That's cool.

    I'm pretty sure one Auto was pulled in the packs I've sold since I only got two myself out of 3+ hobby boxes (I myself opened 36 packs all in all and pulled two autos).

    I'm always happy when a collector pulls a hit from my transactions.Altough I would have liked it for myself, I almost like it better this way around because everyone is happy. I get to paid a part of my collection and he pulls the hit of the moment. Everyone wins and the Internet thing goes on for me.

    Who knows, maybe in ten years I'll be able to have my very own brick & mortar with a coffee house inside. My two vices togethers, Cards & Coffee.


    On that note, good morning y'all.


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