Cards from my youth Vol 1. Teemu Selanne

  • 14/06/2010
  • Stephane

  • Like most of you, I guess, collecting is something that started years and years ago. For me, it all started with the 1989-1990 O-Pee-Chee NHL Set. Those were my first cards and to my recollection, this was the first pack that I ever bust open. To root of all evil...

    But I don't want to start this trip to memory lane with this set. Not yet...

    Do you remember the Teemu Selanne / Alexander Mogiln rivalry in the early 90's? Both rookie sensations were on fire and scored 76 goals apiece during Selanne's first year with the Jets. Yup, it's not a typo... it's really 76 goals, hockey was incredibly offensive back then. 

    Anyway, the card up here is my first ever Selanne card, the 91-92 UD Rookie and yes, it is in french. For the youngster that I am, cards in french were a must for my collection and local retailers were only selling those anyway. French in Quebec is a big deal and back then, cards compagnies acknowledged us with the hockey products, especially Score who had two different versions to accomodate the US and Canada.

    I know now that this card as little to no value due to the lack of scarcity but back then, it was a week of paper route's money for me. A whole damn week for a piece of cardboard that I still have and still like a lot, even without the lack of value. I must have taken this one in and out of the sleeves at least 100 times, changing the sorting patterns in my book on a weekly basis. 

    Now it's safe in a toploader, still in french and strongly rooted in my childhood memories. On the verge of being a daddy myself, looking back to my old collection is something that I cherish a lot and hope to pass along down the line. 

    Hope, but with a little girl, it might be tricky. 


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