COMC, see you there

  • 13/06/2010
  • Stephane

  • My Girlfriend was really clear this week : Make room for the baby girl. Translation, I had to clear some space and in my office, most of the space is eaten up by cards and stuff related to.

    Ends my susbcriptions to Check out My Cards to 'clear some space' and who knows, maybe get some funds for more cards to lose more space (my girlfriends dosen't get that part yet, I kinda stopped the story after the 'some funds' part)

    Anyway, we'll what happens in 8 weeks when my cards are up there.

    Any of you add any good experience with COMC? I think I'm gonna buy more than sell but who knows...

    EDIT - 114 Cards is the total of my first batch. I hope something fun happen.


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