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  • 12/06/2010
  • Stephane
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  • Cool friday, it was a bit rainy in Montreal but I received my share of the Group Break set by The Sewing Machine Dude. Altough it wasen't my luckiest break it is still cool to receive new cards. 

    The Harmon Killebrew and Frank Thomas dual jersey was the Highlight of my break featuring the Twins and the Nationals. 

    But my favorite two cards are the Joe Mauer Starquest from the 2008 UD Series. I pulled one 'Common' and one 'Rare' variation and they look really nice side by side. And you can't really go wrong with the best catcher of his generation.

    A 2009 Bowman Chrome 'World' of Kyuji Fujikawa (Who?) is also a sweet looking cards, numbered out of 250. 

    But anyway, check the guys website. The breaks are always fun. 

    Thanks mate!


    1. Sooz a dit…
    2. I see you have the Nats too. that's going to work well in the breaks coming up.

    3. Stephane a dit…
    4. Yes, I think it will.

      I was hoping for some Expos goodies but hey, the Stras mania may be just as much fun.

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