2009-10 SP Authentic Hockey is Coming.

  • 10/06/2010
  • Stephane
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  • One of my favorite Hockey set each year is coming soon and Upper-Deck released the Checklist for this year’s SP Authentic and seriously, WOW !

    I love everything about it. The low numbered on-card auto of ‘’Immortals’’, the Rookie Patch Review Auto (like Patrick Roy in a Habs jersey) and of course every goodies from this year's rookie class.

    The down part of this set is that the base sets and the inserts keep no value whatsoever in the secondary market and even among traders, a few weeks after the product’s release they tend to vanish somewhere in shoeboxes at home. But they look great, seriously, and I usually gather at least one base set to put in a binder for my collection. The hobby is not about value, if you like something you should keep it and store it properly, period.
    UD is pulling a great design almost every year and the 2010 one seems right on the money from what I’ve seen.

    Quick question here, woule there be interest in a Group Break here ? With Random Teams or Chosen Teams, I don’t know, we could do 4—6 boxes, maybe a full case and it would come to below 50$ per team, which is a great value for the potential hits.

    Let me know what you guys think, it would be a great way to jumpstart my blog with my first group break being with a loaded product like this.

    I'll buy some for myself, that's a given. Just how much is the real question. Anyway, release is somewhere next week. 


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