Daddy's Day Break - UD2 Retail 2009-10

  • 20/06/2010
  • Stephane
  • We came back home Saturday with our little baby girl, a perfect beauty in perfect condition and without any dinged corners, just like daddy loves them. 

    Anyway, I had to go to Wal-Mart on Sunday morning to buy some supplies for the weeks to come, home with my little girl. A trip to Wal-Mart means some wax, even though in Montreal all you can get is some Hockey from the Junk Wax Era and some retail from this year if you're lucky. And I was lucky today, I was able to grab a Retail Tin of Upper-Deck Series 2 and it wasn't all bad. Let's see what I pulled...

    357. Patrick Kane (Last Stanley Cup hero, not bad) 
    280. Phil Kessel
    287. Chris Pronger
    269. Sergei Kostitsyn (Habs, woo-oo)
    265. Scott Gomez (New Habs, woo-oo)

    PP14 Tim Thomas ''Playoff Performers'' (Performer? Playoff? Is there another Tim Thomas that I didn't knew about?)
    GEM19 Christobal Huet ''Draft Day Gems'' (Gems, well, yeah, if Overpriced Luxury is a gem than yeah, Huet is trully a Gem.) 

    HH19 & HH20 - Mark Messier ''Hockey Heroes''

    The design of these subset looks good and well, you can't go wrong with Mark Messier. I wish these were serial numbered though. 

    CH-AC & CH-JE The Champions Alissa Czisny & Jeremy Bloom

    I don't know either of them, Olympians I guess...

    334. Jonas Gustavsson (The Monster is a good pull for Victory and will be something special in Toronto)
    322. James Van Riemsdyk (Hate the guy because of the East Finals versus the Habs but hey, great pull) 
    340. Braden Holtby
    335. Tyler Bozak

    471. Tom Pyatt (Habs but not a great prospect. Still, Habs) 
    481. Matt Gilroy (Blueshirts, we'll see what happens with that. Either vanishes within five years or becomes great someplace else than New-York) 

    All in all nothing too fancy but still a fun break. There was also some boxes of Collector's Choice from 1998 (I Think). Someday I'll be one of these just for the memories and the stickers cards. Stay Tuned...


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