Bowman 2010 Hobby Break, 30+ Packs

  • 08/06/2010
  • Stephane
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  • As mentionned in the previous post, I enjoyed a lot my Bowman Break and I wish I had more packs left over, seriously. I had some time to play with the scanner and here are the highlights of these breaks. According to the number of Gold Refractor I have, I've opened 35 hobby packs. I guess I did pretty good on some pulls. Let's take a look. 

    * As you will notice, I did pull the three first picks of this year's draft. 

    USA18-BC8 Bryce Harper Chrome USA Rookie

    Need I explain this one? The so-called Chosen One in it's Chrome awesomeness...

    USA18-BC19 Karsten Whitson

    I've pulled Whitson 3 times out of 35 packs and since he was drafted 9th Overall by the Marlins, I'm pretty happy about it. One is the refractor numbered 430/777 so I can't complain about the dupes, can I?

    USA18-BC17 Jameson Taillon

    The Pirates' pick and probably the best pitching prospect out of 2010. Pretty cool. 

    USA18-BC10 Manny Machado

    The best infielder of this draft and maybe the face of the future for the brown birds.

    BCP116 Kirk Nieuwenhuis 258/500

    Auto goodness. I usually like these better than the other hits but the USA Class was pretty neat in my packs. Still, a Mets prospect with a sweet chrome auto, can't complain. 

    USA-BC18 Cody Wheeler

    BCP34 Scott Shaw 435/777

    USA18-BC5 Nicky Delmonico

    USA-BC9 Sonny Gray

    USA-BC7 Blake Forsythe -- BCP89 Dustin Ackley

    Is Dustin Ackley still a prospect? Did he vanished? I'm wondering...

    117 Shane Victorino 092/250 -- 116 Kevin Slowey 219/250

    BP26 Cody Satterwhite 441/520 -- BP29 Tommy Mendonca 001/520

    And of course I'm gathering a lot of gold refractors and insert variation. If you collect these, let me know I'll make a list of something. I'm still wondering if I am putting together the 90's variation set or not. 

    I think I'm gonna have to buy some more of these Bowman, it's seriously way too fun to bust. But it's a lot of base cards to store afterward, well, each story as a downfall. 


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