2010 Bowman Baseball

  • 05/06/2010
  • Stephane
  • Wow,

    This product is so much fun to bust open. 

    I've been seeling packs for a week now and I was home saturday night, a bit tired, with a bunch of unopened packs on my laps. Guess what happened? 

    I busted one, and then another, and then another and next thing you know, I've been through 30+ packs in half an hour. 

    Like I said, too much fun.

    I'll scan everything noteworthy sometime this week but my main hit, Bryce Harper Chrome RC, will the Bay anytime soon. 

    And is it me or the Bowman Retros look way nice. Like 'childhood' nice. I'm gonna collect these and maybe build a set, long term project. Gotta have to write that down.

    Anyway, if you didn't bust any yet. Just go ahead and treat yourself. Totally worth it.


    A scan of the beast and future Nationals. I've done some reading and apparently this is a hard pull. It's on Ebay and I'm entertaining offers. 


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